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The following tips will not only help insure the proper operation and accuracy of your device but will give you the best experience possible under the cirumstances.

  • Rinse your mouth with water prior to every test to remove any contaminants.

  • Call (855) 341-9684 with any questions or concerns.

  • Do NOT disconnect handset if ignition is on. Be sure to take retest before shutting off engine if retest is being requested.

  • If you fail the initial test, take a retest after the five-minute timer expires.  Failing a retest will activate horn and lights.

  • Be sure to bring your Driver’s License to your first calibration appointment.

  • Illinois clients only get 1 violation per service period.  If you go into lockout, you must bring the vehicle into a service center within 96 hours for service.

  • You may calibrate no more than 5 days prior to your scheduled lockout date.

  • Client is responsible for any and all readings recorded by the device.

  • If your vehicle is being worked on, have the service center call the 800 number for information and assistance.

  • Driver is responsible for the safe vehicle operation.  ALWAYS practice safe driving habits.

  • Along with the PINK copy of the Lease Agreement, you must provide the Ignition Interlock Installation Notice Certificate and Client Checklist to the DMV.

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